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a Group shot of all the Money Monsters 

Welcome to Money Monsters & Friends Club

Learn about money the FUN way! Through Money Monster stories, games and activities Youth Members, 12 years and younger, will learn to save and manage money responsibly and grow into financially savvy individuals.

Meet the Money Monsters

Franny is a Large but cute Pink Monster

Franny is a Fun loving Huggable Sasquatch from the Colorado Mountains. She is wise and full of good money advice.

Smiling Green fuzzy round monster

 is a silly sort or monster known as a Boogler. He likes video games and tech stuff.

Blue Horned MonsterRoscoe is a blue horned gremlin and gets into all sorts of trouble. He thinks he is scary, but he is harmless.

Purple winged monster with tentacles.

 is a Purple Winged Woozowi  and wants what she wants when she wants it! Greedy Gretta sometimes finds out the hard way, that doesn't work out.

A blue tiki totem looking monsterChumlakiki is a monster from the secret island of Muula Muula hidden somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. He likes practical jokes and fun riddles to challenge his friends with.

A pink tiki totem looking monster

is also from the Island of Muula Muula. She is the sister to Chumlakiki and likes exercise and getting outside. 

Blue corn cornel shaped monster with light blue hair.

 is a Striped Bed Beezle and is an explorer. He likes trying new things. Maybe the monster under your bed is just Gordo being curious. He has a pet dust bunny named Scooter.

Scooter is a Brown ball of dust known as a dust bunny.

is the pet dust bunny of Gordo's. Gordo met Scooter while exploring under a kids bed one night and they have been best friends ever since. What Scooter may lack in brains they make up for in heart. This lovable dust bunny gets Gordo into new adventures and trouble.

Purple Horned monster.Duggby is a candy creeper. He will do anything for candy. Halloween is his favorite time of year because he tries to trick kids into giving him their treats. Some says Duggby is made of gum drops and candy canes.

Blue Monster with pink hair.Zoozy is a Book Beast. She loves to read and learn about fun things. She likes words and puzzles.