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Grassroots Advocacy Team

Mountain West Credit Union Association - Grassroots Advocacy Team

Why should I join?

The Grassroots Advocacy Team is a group of credit union owners from Space Age, as well as other credit unions in Colorado, who are committed to working together to defend our credit unions and help them grow.

Join the Grassroots Advocacy Team to:

  • Stop bankers from attempting to tax Space Age, which would be a tax on YOU!
  • Safeguard YOUR credit union ownership from unfair bank attacks.
  • Enhance Space Age's ability to provide more to YOU, other members, and YOUR community.
  • Protect YOUR lower loan rates and higher savings rates returned to you every year as a credit union owner.

How can I be part of this team?

It's Easy! Join the Grassroots Advocacy Team.

By joining, Space Age members will team up with credit union members from all over Colorado and work closely with elected public officials to ensure credit union owners' voice is heard, by participating in various team collaborative actions:

  • Writing, emailing, or calling your elected officials.
  • Sending letters to the editors of your local paper and television station.
  • Attend credit union sponsored events in support of fellow credit union members.
  • Participate in the Get Out to Vote activities to ensure we elect public officials who support credit unions.

How will I know what to do?

  • The Grassroots Advocacy Team of the Mountain West Credit Union Association will keep you informed of issues that affect your credit union benefits.
  • The Grassroots Advocacy Team will give you the simple tools you need to protect and defend those benefits - sample letters, message points, and information on hearings, meetings, and issues.
  • The Grassroots Advocacy Team will tell you which elected officials support your credit union benefits - and which ones don't - letting you make up your own mind about who to support at election time.

Space Age Credit Union IS your member-owned financial institution.

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