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Internet Banking

About Us

Our Mission

Space Age Credit Union delivers world class financial products and services by a team of outstanding professionals.

Company History

Space Age Credit Union was chartered in 1952 as the Air Force Finance Center Credit Union. By year end, AFCC FCU had over 733 members and $51,534 in assets.

By 1959, AFCC FCU grew to $1 million in assets and held a “Name Your Credit Union” contest. The new name was officially changed to Space Age Federal Credit Union. The name was chosen because 1959 was the beginning of space exploration and our primary field of membership was the Air Force Finance Center. Today, our name represents our vision of the future.

Currently, SACU has over 30 employees, over $100 million in assets, serves approximately 14,000 members, and our charter now includes over 110 select groups.

Our Products

Space Age Credit Union offers an array of products and services to simplify your life! As you explore the world of financial services available to you through our web site, you'll find it's a fast and convenient way to take care of your financial needs and receive up-to-date information such as: current promotions, rates, and events.

Anytime Internet Banking! It allows you to manage your Space Age account anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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