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Consolidation Loan

Debt Payments Can Add Up Fast!

We all make purchases on credit cards, or take a loan out for vehicles, home improvements, and vacations. A big purchase here, a home project there and pretty soon we have multiple payments for different debts all at different interest rates. These can add up and put a serious dent into your monthly finances. A Consolidation Loan is a possible solution. By rolling several individual debts into one loan, you could REALLY simplify your life and save money every month.


Consolidation Loan Options

There are many options on how you can consolidate your debt, depending on your situation.


If you are a homeowner, you might have equity in your home. This opens the door to Home Equity loans.

  • 2nd Mortgages: This is a fixed rate loan that is secured by your home. The rate on these types of loans are very low compared to a credit card interest rate. (See our current rates)
  • HELOC: Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) are variable rate loans that are based on Prime Rate as determined by the Wall Street Journal each month. Once approved, you are given an Line of Credit that can be used over a 5 year period. You can take out as much or little as you need to pay off higher interest debt. (See our current rates)

Don't Own a Home? No Problem

Not all of us can afford to buy a home, but there are still consolidation options:

  • Low Interest Credit Cards: The Space Age VISA® Credit Cards are a low interest option. The Gold and the Platinum Cards use the Prime Rate based on the Wall Street Journal to set their variable rates while the Classic VISA® has a fixed interest rate. (See our current rates)
  • Signature Loans: It's as simple as a Credit Check and a signature and your debts get rolled into one  fixed rate loan. (See our current rates)

Talk to a Space Age Representative TODAY to learn what is YOUR best Consolidation Loan option.

Call 303-369-7666 or 1-800-666-6928.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to change and based on individual credit worthiness. Space Age Classic VISA® Rates have a fixed APR, VISA® Gold is the Prime Rate + 3.25% and VISA® Platinum is equal to the current Prime Rate. Prime Rate is based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate as of the last day of the prior month.  Rates are subject to change. Interest on a HELOC is calculated at a variable periodic rate based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate as of the last day of the prior month, and applied to the daily principal balance. The periodic rate may change on the first day of the month following a change in the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate. Contact the credit union for further details. First Place Second Mortgage loans are only valid for Primary Residence. Loans with a Loan To Value of greater than 80% or for loans greater than $250,000 add an additional 1% to APR. Maximum term up to 25 years.  Space Age may require an escrow account, in this event .25% will be added to the approved rate. Consult your tax-advisor to determine if your First Place Second Mortgage interest qualifies to be tax deductible.


Debt Consolidation Calculator

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