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Lifelock ID Theft Protection

Stop Identity Thieves Before They Strike With LifeLock!

LifeLock is the nation's first and only proactive identity theft solution. It stops crimes before they happen by putting alerts on your credit reports at all three credit bureaus. Most identity theft programs only monitor your credit reports. However, with LifeLock no one but you will be able to use your credit. For a minimum monthly fee, you can take control of your credit and protect yourself from identity thieves.

LifeLock Benefits:

  • LifeLock blocks your credit so that only you can use it
  • LifeLock stops pre-approved credit offers
  • LifeLock drastically reduces the amount of junk mail you receive
  • LifeLock ensures that everything goes smoothly when you want credit
  • LifeLock guarantees that it works - they will spend up to $1 million dollars to restore your good name if your identity is stolen
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