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Youth Accounts

Youth Savings Account

A Youth Account is a GREAT way for Parents to teach their kids the value of saving money. Space Age values its younger members, and is dedicated to sculpting financially savvy individuals. Because of this, Space Age Credit Union offers parents the opportunity to open a Youth Savings Account geared just for the saving needs of our members 12 years and younger. A Youth Savings Account can be opened with as little as $5, and as long as a daily balance of $5 is maintained, the account will earn interest.

In addition, Youth Savings Account holders have access to valuable financial education materials with the Space Age's Money Monsters Club. The Club features activities, stories and puzzles intended to teach our Youth Members about money, saving and spending.

Other great benefits for youth members include:

  • FREE toy with every Youth Share deposit
  • Yearly Birthday Gift
  • Exclusive Youth Events

Teen Checking Account

Space Age knows that the financial world can sometimes be overwhelming. Therefore, we understand the importance of familiarizing your teen with financial institutions, the products and services they offer, and how to effectively use them to meet current and future financial goals. In addition to introducing money-management skills, Space Age aims at making your teen's financial experience successful, today and in the future.

Familiarizing your teen with a checking account and debit card earlier rather than later allows them the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them under your guidance, before mistakes become detrimental to their financial success. Space Age's Teen Checking Account has no monthly fee and requires no minimum balance.

Other great products for your teen include:

  • Free Visa® Debit Cards. Linked to your Space Age Checking Account, Space Age Visa® Debit Cards can be used anywhere Visa® is accepted.
  • Free CardNav Card Management. CardNav offers peace of mind and allows you to control your spending.
  • Venmo, PayPal and Square. Receive funds in real time to your Teen Checking Account went sent from Venmo, PayPal or Square.
  • Online Banking Services. We know both you and your teen lead busy lives. Your teen can check and keep track of their Space Age account anytime and anywhere with our free electronic services. In addition to checking their account balance, they can receive Account Alerts, a free service that keeps them informed daily about account balances, and so much more. Learn more about online banking.

Youth Prime Certificate (CD)

Exclusive for our Youth Members - a CD just for them!

  • A Youth Prime Certificate may be opened for any member 18 years of age and under with a maximum deposit amount of $1,000.
  • The Youth Prime Certificate is a fixed-rate certificate that is opened at the current prime rate.*
  • Youth Prime Certificates mature on December 31st of each year, and can be annually renewed by the member through the age of 18.

To open a Youth Prime Certificate today, contact a Space Age Representative at 303-369-7666 or 800-666-6928 or fill out the Youth Prime Certificate Renewal/Request Form online.

*Prime rate is based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate as of the last day of the prior month.

The Credit Union recognizes that protecting children's identities and privacy on-line is important and that the responsibility rests with both the on-line industry and the parents. The Credit Union may periodically offer an on-line link through our website to a child-oriented site, which shall conform to the Children's On-line Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of 1998. We do not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13 without parental consent. For more information on the Children's On-line Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) visit the FTC website:

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