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Join Our Board of Directors

Call to Nomination - You Can Make A Difference

Space Age Federal Credit Union is currently accepting nominations for election to our Board of Directors. 

As a member/owner of Space Age, you may be eligible for nomination. The basic requirements to serve on the Board are that:

  1. you are at least 18 years of age and
  2. that you would be willing to serve without compensation.
Next year, three positions will be vacant, each for a three-year term. A Nominating Committee has been appointed to select the best-qualified candidates for the available positions. 

If you are interested, CLICK HERE to apply
or write to:

The Nominating Committee Chairman
Space Age Federal Credit Union
3033 South Parker Road, Tower 1, Suite 800
Aurora, CO  80014

Upon receipt of the letter of request, the Nominating Committee will forward the necessary forms to the interested member. These completed forms must be returned to the Committee no later than November 12, 2021.