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Credit and Debit Card Protection

Full control over your debit and credit card usage in a way you’ve never had before!

CardNav enables you to set controls regarding the transaction types, geographic rules, and the merchant types where your card can be used.

CardNav Handout PDF

Download the CardNav App on Google Play

To Register
1. Download Card Nav app in the App store.
2. Register new card
   a. Tap New User in app
        i. Enter Card Number
        ii. Security Code
        iii. Expiration Date
        iv. Billing Address
   b. Member may need to provide at least one of
       the following:
        i. Social Security Number
        ii. Mother’s Maiden Name
        iii. Date of Birth
   c. Accept Terms and Conditions of the app
   d. Create Username and password and specify
       e-mail address

Members can set pin codes or enable fingerprint identification once user info is created.

Using CardNav
Home Screen:
The Home screen is the first screen that the member sees when they login to the app.  The Home screen displays the following information:
   • Money spent on card this month
   • Refresh option – (top left of screen)
   • Main Menu – for accessing settings, legal
     information, messages, and contact information
   • Cards – A list of all the cards that are registered
     for CardNav
   • Accounts – A list of accounts available for

Navigating the Main Menu:
Members can tap the main menu to access the following screens and options:
   • Home Screen
   • Transactions
   • Messages
   • Find Us
   • Contact Us
   • Legal and Help
   • Help with this page
   • Manage Portfolio -Enable and disable cards
     and accounts to be managed, and add cards
   • Settings
   • Logout

  CardNav Settings:
   • Update personal information
   • Set the primary device to apply location
     controls and notifications
   • Do not Disturb – set times to only receive
     essential alerts, such as denied transactions
   • Disable, set, or change the 4-digit passcode
      for logging into the app
   • Change password
   • Touch ID to enable fingerprint identification

Viewing Card Details:
Member can tap individual card in the Cards section of the Home screen to view details about their cards.  Member can tap on the card image to display the reverse card image, which provides details about the card including:
   • Card Status – Active or inactive
   • Deposits 
   • Recurring Charges
   • Total spent for the month
   • Last update
   • View transactions
     (pending transactions will show first)
   • Transfer funds
   • Set low balance alerts
   • Transaction alerts
   • Turn card on and off by tapping the Card
     On/Off slider

Setting Control Preferences:
Member can tap Control Preferences on Card Detail screen to set control policies.  Control preferences are organized in the following categories:
   • Locations- Restricts transactions done outside
     of range of mobile device (in-store only,
     device’s location settings must be enabled)
   • Regions- Add travel events, set locations for
     cards when traveling
   • Merchant Types-set categories for card use
   • Transaction Types-set transactions that
     are/are not allowed.
     (In-store, online, Mail, ATM, etc)
   • Spend Limits-Deny transactions exceeding a
     specified amount

(Member can tap the information “I” icon to view information about card preferences.