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Automatic Loan Payments

Find Peace of Mind

You have a lot on your mind, your hopes, dreams and worries. Missing a loan payment doesn't have to be one of them.

Start making your loan payment each month automatically using Space Age’s automatic loan payment service.

Once you are signed up, your loan payment* will be pulled from your account at another financial institution on the same day each month**, and applied directly to your loan at Space Age.

No more worries about getting your loan payment to Space Age on time.

We will continue to pull your loan payment out of your account at another financial institution each month until the loan has been completely paid off or you discontinue the service.

Our automatic loan payment service is free to members.

You will no longer have to pay to make your loan payment over the phone using our Check-by-Phone service.

Set up this FREE service on your loan account today!

Fill out the online form it's that easy. Sign up for automatic loan payments.

*Loan payment must be the same dollar amount each month. Automatic loan payment service does not work for loans with fluctuating monthly payments (e.g. credit cards, lines of credit). **Member can pick the day of the month that the payment is made. The day of the month will stay the same each month unless a new agreement is filled out to adjust the day. If the day falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment will be made the following business day.

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